Acquisitions and Sales



Option 1.

Out right purchase from Hindhaugh Homes


Option 2.

Joint Venture (JV) with planning or existing

A Joint Venture can benefit both parties, firstly it is less initial capital outlay for Hindhaugh Homes and the land owner/property owner achieves a higher sale price.

Hindhaugh Homes would fund and complete all legal and professional fees along with all  building and marketing costs.

A percentage above current development valuation or a fixed price is agreed prior to any commencement of works.


Higher price achieved above current valuation

Involvement at architect level with site layout and design

Awareness of style, design and scheduling of works

Peace of mind that a high quality development will be achieved

Uplift in value to surrounding area due to prestigious development


Option 3.

Joint Venture (JV) without planning.

We can deal with land/property owners confidentially to asses the potential of a development site. If a Joint Venture is entered into after this point Hindhaugh Homes would conduct and pay all professional fees for a planning submission.

The land owner would not have any costs for a speculative planning application and if successful would enter into a Joint Venture contract which would be negotiated prior to any application.

Hindhaugh Homes would pay for all legal and professional fees along with design work and submission costs.

Even if unsuccessful there would be no costs to the land/property owner.



With all our developments we encourage buyers to get involved at the earliest point possible to allow us to build a truly bespoke home and tailor the property to their needs.


Typical Completed Property Sale

1% deposit of sale value to secure property

9% of sale value at exchange of contracts, typically 8 weeks after deposit

Inspection 48hrs prior to completion

On completion remaining balance is paid.

Hand over following completion.